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Greenwald Herkimer House

Subfacility of Heritage Park

The Greenwald-Herkimer Home was built on 80 acres of land near the intersection of Pardee and Eureka Road, and was used as a farm, producing hay, potatoes, corn, and wheat. Frank and Anna Greenwald and their neighbors constructed the farmhouse out of the finest lumber available. The Greenwalds raised their three daughters in the home and hosted a reunion each Labor Day. Christmas was an especially beautiful time of year in the home, which is accented with Gingerbread-style trim and ornate woodwork. Edna Herkimer, Frank and Anna Greenwald’s daughter, and her husband, Ralph, occupied the home until 1988 when it was moved to Heritage Park and restored to its original state. Presently, Maggie’s Sweet Shoppe and the Luminaria candle shop occupy the historic home.

Maggie's Sweet Shop

Maggie's Sweet Shop is a favorite stop for many Heritage Park patrons. Featuring Hershey's hand-dipped ice cream, a variety of candy, chocolates, and country-fresh fudge, makes Maggie’s Sweet Shop a haven for those with a sweet tooth. They also carry Kowalski hot dogs, sausages, and Coke products. Maggie's boasts that they make the thickest milk-shakes in town!

Maggie's Sweet Shop is owned and operated by Al Wilson, who can be reached at 734-287-1060. Old-fashioned charm and a general store atmosphere will await you. The proprietors have commented that they enjoy the comments people make when they come in and discover some kind of candy they have not had since they were kids. Hours are seasonal with spring and summer hours, so call 734-287-1060 to hear the recording.
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