Credit Card Security Precautions

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud cost businesses and customers billions of dollars each year.

Employee Training

Instruct sales staff to:

  • Be skeptical of a customer with only one credit card and one piece of identification.
  • Be aware of the customer who makes several small purchases that are under the amount for manager or credit approval.
  • Be observant of whether the item being purchased on that card could be easily fenced for cash. This could include cigarettes, meat, televisions, stereos, cameras, and other portable items.
  • Note the appearance of the presenter, any companions, vehicles, and identification presented. If they are suspicious, contact store/mall security or Taylor Police to investigate.
  • Look for "ghost" numbers or letters. Sometimes criminals will change the numbers and/or name on a stolen card. To do this they either melt the original name and numbers off or file them off. Both of the processes can leave faint imprints of the original characters—so look very closely.
  • Examine the signature strip on the credit card. A criminal may cover the real card owner’s signature with correction fluid and sign it on the new strip.
  • Compare signatures from off the credit card, to identification, and to the sales slip being signed in front of you.
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