Board of Ethics


Meetings based on claims made.

Board Composition

The Board shall consist of five members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and unanimous consent of the City Council.

Term Of Office

Members shall be appointed for terms of five years, except that of those first appointed, the initial terms shall be five years for one, four years for one, three years for one, two years for one and one year for one. No board member shall serve more than one term or portion of a term consecutively.


The Board of Ethics prescribes a standard of conduct for public officers and employees to promote public confidence in public servants, to preserve the integrity of City government and to establish clear disclosure requirements and standards of conduct for all public servants of the City of Taylor.

Board of Ethics

Member Title Term Expires
Erica Risner Member 4/16/24
Andrew Hood Member 10/19/26
Michael Tinney Member 12/21/26