Fire Department

Welcome to the City of Taylor Fire Department homepage. On our page you can find numerous information on fire department related ordinances as well as many helpful safety tips. If you need assistance or have questions, let us help you at (734) 287-6550 or contact us.

Fire Department BadgeThe Five Most Common Questions

Aside from fighting fires and responding to other emergencies, the five most common questions received at the Taylor Fire Department are about outdoor burning, educational tours and demonstrations, inspections, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. For more information, select the topic below that you’re interested in and then icon that appears.

  1. Outdoor Burning
  2. Fire Inspections
  3. Smoke Detectors
  4. Tours & Demos
  5. Fire Extinguishers

Outdoor fire place with spark screen

Outdoor Fire Place with Spark Screen

About the Current Department

The primary responsibility of the Taylor Fire Department is to respond to and mitigate emergencies by limiting the effects of fire, natural disaster, medical and hazardous material incidents. This is accomplished through the use of emergency preparedness plans, fire prevention and code enforcement, public education, hazardous materials response teams, and other specialized programs.

The department’s primary effort is to provide effective fire suppression, ALS level emergency medical service, and hazard mitigation efforts within four minutes to any emergency scene in our City. The unifying goal is to help people through education and cooperation.

The department maintains three fire stations with two fire engines, one ladder truck and one shift commander vehicle. The Fire Department consists of 36 fire suppression positions and three administrative positions.

Red Fire Engine Parked in Front of GarageMission

It is the mission of the Taylor Fire Department to prevent the loss of life and to control or reduce the loss of property by being committed to providing the highest level of service possible. We will accomplish this mission through fire suppression, Advanced Life Support rescue, code enforcement, public fire education, fire investigating and professional training. It is our priority to provide the best fire service to all Taylor citizens and visitors.