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Welcome to the City of Taylor Fire Department homepage. On our page you can find numerous information on fire department related ordinances as well as many helpful safety tips. Follow the links on the left side for more information.  If you need assistance or have questions, let us help you at (734) 374-1355.

Meet The Fire Chief

Chief Stephen Portis started his career with Taylor Fire Department in 1990 as auxiliary fire personnel and became full time in 1996. He worked his way up the ladder over the years and became the fire Chief in 2013. 

Chief Portis is in charge of 3 fire stations and 40-ALS level emergency personnel. Annually, the department responds to  more than 10,000 emergency incidents.  The city Taylor Fire Department provides protection for over 24 square miles and over 63,000 residents a year. The city population increases to over 150,000 during daytime hours due to travel, work, and business owners.

Chief Portis primary motivation is the safety of  his firefighters and the communities we serve.  Chief Portis mission is to keep his staff updated with annual safety training , updated safety equipment and  being certified by the State of Michigan to have his crew ready for around the clock emergencies and ready for any situation. 

About the Current Department       

The primary responsibility of the Taylor Fire Department is to respond to and mitigate emergencies by limiting the effects of fire, natural disaster, medical and hazardous material incidents. This is accomplished through the use of emergency preparedness plans, fire prevention and code enforcement, public education, hazardous materials response teams, and other specialized programs.

The department’s primary effort is to provide effective fire suppression, ALS level emergency medical service, and hazard mitigation efforts within four minutes to any emergency scene in our City. The unifying goal is to help people through education and cooperation.

The department maintains three fire stations with four fire engines, one ladder truck and two shift commander vehicle. The Fire Department consists of 38 fire suppression positions and four administrative positions.


The mission of the Taylor Fire Department is to provide the highest level of  protection of life, property, and the environment from the effects of fires, medical emergencies, and hazards. We engage the community in our mission through progressive community outreach. We will maintain a constant state of readiness to respond to all requests for services through training, maintenance of equipment, and a desire to serve our community.




Frequently Asked Questions

You will find more  information under the Fire Safety and Education Brochures
My neighbor is having a bonfire, is that allowed? You can find more information under Fire Safety and Education Brochures (Please read first). You can also click on the iCare Taylor Link below to contact the City Ordinance Officer .
Where can I dispose of medicine and Sharp objects Police Department has a drop box for medicines only. You can find more information under the Fire Safety and Education Brochures. 
Can my child or school tour the Fire Station? Can I request a Fire Truck drive by the house or event? Due to COVID 19 restrictions and short staff, we have put this on hold until further notice.
Who do I call for open/leaking fire hydrants DPW 734-287-6550 or click on the iCare Taylor link below to get more information.
What can I do with outdated fire extinguishers. Some stores (if purchased at a store) have exchange programs. You can find more information under Fire Extinguishers.