Fire Savvy (Plan Review) Commercial Consultants

Fire Savvy LogoFire Savvy Consultant is a Fire Protection Consultant and Arson Investigation Company that specialize in Municipal Code and Plan Review services that include Fire, Life Safety and Building Plan review and inspections.

Services they offer

  • Municipal Code Consulting
  • Fire Protection Plan Review
  • Building Plan Review
  • Fire Code Review
  • Life Safety Review
  • Arson Investigation
  • Code Consulting
    • Private Company Code Needs

If you are planning on adding/replacing or changing wet suppression systems, sprinklers systems or  fire alarm systems this is where you will start and follow the process. 

  • Hire a company to do the work, they will have to draw up plans and submit them to Fire Savvy.
  •  All plans will need to be submitted to Fire Savvy (see fee schedule for your cost) 
  • Once approved they will send to the plans to the  Fire Station.
  • We will call you to notify you we have the plans and tell you the fee for the Fire Department. ( Our fee includes our inspections)
  • Once you pick up plans from Fire Department, they will need to be delivered to the building department where you will pick up and pay for any permits the building department will require.

For more information about Fire Savvy  or to contact them, click on the link below