Fire Safe House Demonstrations and Tours

Fire Safety

*Fire House Demonstrations and  school Tours have been put on hold due to COVID 19 Restrictions*

Primary Goals

The primary goals of the Taylor Fire Marshal Division are public education, annual inspections and community involvement to promote awareness and elimination of fire hazards. To provide a fire safe environment for all persons who live, work and visit the City of Taylor.

Fire Inspections

Contact Fire Chief Stephen Portis or Deputy Chief Stan Pochran at (734) 374-1355.

Educating Future Adults

The Taylor Fire Department is confident that they have the best program available to impress the mind of a child that will become a responsible adult.

Fire Safe House

We have realized that in order to develop a fire safety concept in responsible adults, education in this concept would have to begin with the open mind of a child. Fire service organizations have constantly searched for the best way to impress this concept to the child. The Taylor Fire Department truly believes that we have found it in the "Fire Safe House" Program. Through the support of our City Fathers, Taylor Rotarians and local business people, the fire department has been able to make the "Fire Safe House" a reality.

Using Learned Skills in the Safe House

All past and present programs, as good as they are and as well presented as they are, have still lacked something. The missing ingredient we found was the first hand experience. You can lecture for days and show films until they wear out but until you have been there, and actually had an experience, the message doesn’t last. This experience is why the Taylor Fire Safety House works. It has been said that the person learns 10% of what they hear 20% of what they see, but 90% of what they see, hear, and do! Actual participation takes place in the Taylor "Fire Safe House." After careful preparation of the student through class room activities (hearing and seeing) the students are brought to the Taylor "Fire Safe House". Here the students will be placed in a safe but realistic home fire situation in which they must use (the do) methods taught to them to successfully escape from the simulated smoke.

Who Uses the Fire Safe House

The "Fire Safe House" was primarily designed for the use in educating our 4th grade elementary students. Each year between 1000 to 1500 students and approximately 500 adults plan to pass through our "Fire Safe House". By involving the students in this program you will give them the opportunity of knowing what a real fire would be like. Fire is the number 1 accidental killer of people under the age of 40.

Don’t Panic

One of the most important things this program teaches is that children must not panic, but instead react quickly and rationally to fire danger. Planning escape routes beforehand helps accomplish this

Scheduling Demonstrations, Tours and the Fire Safety House

The Taylor Fire Department schedules educational tours and demonstrations at Fire Station Number 1 (Goddard Road) and also schedules elementary class visits to the Fire Safety House (Ecorse Road). To schedule a tour, demonstration or visit to the Fire Safety House, send an email to Fire Chief Stephen Portis.