Help Fight Home Fires

house fireResidential Sprinklers

Residential sprinklers are a method of ensuring your family’s safety. Sprinklers detect potential fire and can quickly control a potentially dangerous situation. Properly installed, residential sprinklers greatly reduce the incidence of fire death. The average cost of residential sprinklers is $1.50 per square foot of coverage. The cost of sprinklers is cheaper than having new carpeting placed in your home. Building costs and supplies are often cheaper when using a residential sprinkler system. Residential sprinklers can put out 90% of fires with one sprinkler head. Fewer trips by the fire department increases the department’s availability for large scale emergencies. A small fire can be put out with a single sprinkler head ... imagine the effectiveness of a network of sprinklers installed all over your home.

  • How they work - Residential sprinklers use "elements" to detect and respond automatically to the source of heat. To reduce water damage, each sprinkler head acts independently of the others. Many are hooked directly to your waterline and require very minimal water pressure.

  • There are several types of residential sprinklers to fit new or older homes.  A single sprinkler head releases 13-14 gallons of water per minute on a fire. Compare that amount to a fire hose  releasing 125-500 gallons of water per minute! After a fire bursts into flames, an entire room can be consumed within three minutes time. Most fires are not reported until 10 minutes after the fire began.

Added Protection

Most people feel confident, but a smoke detector just isn’t enough. If a fire takes place, people believe the smell of smoke, a barking dog, an alert neighbor, personal intuition, or the buzzing of a smoke detector will urge them to safety. Unfortunately, people and animals fall into a deeper sleep because of the potent fumes. Neighbors will not see the fire until it is too large to fight.


  • Americans spend over 50% of their day at home where fires occur most frequently.

  • Each year over 2 million fires take the lives of an estimated 5,200 people.

Residential sprinklers protect from the fires you don’t detect.