Volunteer at the Library

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Long-term library volunteers are identified as persons who regularly perform duties or tasks for the library for a period of six months or longer without wages or benefits. Volunteers who are requesting a limited or specific number of service hours shall serve under the same guidelines as all library volunteers. 

The Friends of the Library volunteers are governed by their own policies and bylaws and, as such, are not regulated by Taylor Community Library policies and procedures. Any conflicts between the policies or practices of the Friends and the library will be resolved by the library director and the Friends Board.  

Volunteers at Taylor Community Library will be expected to:

  • Volunteer at least 8 hours per month on a regular schedule.
  • Attend our volunteer orientation program.
  • Agree to follow Michigan Library Privacy Act.
  • Pass an ICHAT background check, if requested by management.
  • Be at least 18 years old and fill out a Volunteer Liability Waiver.
    • Or be 12 through 17 years old and have a parent fill out the Volunteer Liability Waiver.

Applicants, who must be age 12 or older, must complete one of  the following applications and submit it to the volunteer coordinator: 

  1. Volunteer Application & Agreement: Long-Term – For those requesting to serve as a library volunteer for at least six months and, typically, at least once each week for two to four hours. Specific terms of service may depend on the area of volunteer interest.  
  2. Volunteer Application & Agreement: Short-Term – For those requesting a limited or particular number of service hours to satisfy a specific obligation, such as a school honors program or service organization requirement. Short-Term Volunteers must be residents of the library’s legal service area. 
  3. Persons under 18 years of age must have written Volunteer Liability Waiver from a parent or legal guardian to serve in any volunteer capacity with the library. 
  4. If there is no suitable volunteer service match with the applicant’s skills and interests or schedule requests, the applicant will be notified. The application will be kept on file for at least one (1) year and the applicant will be contacted if there is an appropriate opening during that time. 
  5. The library is not currently accepting court-ordered community service volunteers . Please contact 23rd District Court or your local court to find out about community service options.

When the library accepts a volunteer’s offer of service, volunteers will be required to attend an orientation session. Short-term volunteer applicants may be exempt from formal orientation attendance. At an orientation, the volunteer coordinator will:

  1. Supply an orientation packet and name tag. 
  2. Review volunteer policy & procedures. 
  3. Provide instruction about sign-in and sign-out procedures. 
  4. Conduct a tour of the library with introduction to library staff. 
  5. Review duties and confirm volunteer commitment. 
  6. Discuss personal and building safety matters. 
  7. Specify appropriate responses to other library customers. 
  8. Initiate or schedule training as needed and define task responsibilities. 

Volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library and shall be guided by the same work and behavior code as library employees. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  1. Dress and grooming appropriate for a business environment and tasks assigned. 
  2. Name tags worn at all times while volunteering in the library. 
  3. Adherence to sign-in and sign-out procedures with advance notice to the volunteer coordinator or designee in the event of absence or lateness for a scheduled time. 
  4. Courteous and proper interaction with other library customers. All customer questions other than directional (Where are the restrooms? Where is the computer lab? etc.) should be referred to a library staff member. 
  5. Responsibility for updating personal data (such as change of address, telephone number or emergency contact information) with the volunteer coordinator. 
  6. Observance of the library’s drug free workplace status. Use of alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco products in the library is prohibited as is the abuse of drugs or alcohol or reporting for service under the influence of these substances. 
  7. Immediately reporting to a library staff supervisor any occurrence of injury, minor or serious. If any assignment appears to cause physical discomfort or could lead to personal injury, the volunteer should, without delay, report this to the volunteer coordinator or the staff supervisor in the assignment area. Volunteering at the library is at your own risk and the library assumes no liability for any volunteer activities.
  8. Harassment or improper advances toward another person in the library or on library grounds is strictly prohibited. This includes unreasonably interfering with anyone’s work or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Any concerns or questions about the behavior of library customers, staff or other volunteers should be referred or addressed to staff supervisor or the volunteer coordinator. Under no circumstances should a volunteer initiate a confrontation with library customers, staff or other volunteers.
  9. Volunteers are not allowed to sit at public service desks or use staff computers unless specifically assigned to an area by the volunteer coordinator or a staff supervisor.
  10. Personal telephone calls are prohibited except in the case of an emergency and then must be kept brief and not made at a public desk. Long distance calls are not allowed. 
  11. Library owned equipment, such as copiers/printers, fax machines, computers, supplies, etc. are for library use only and may not be used for personal business. No equipment or material should be removed from the library without prior submission of a written request by the volunteer and prior written approval from the library director, volunteer coordinator or staff supervisor.
  12. All transactions between library customers, staff and/or volunteers are completely confidential. This includes any information about materials a customer has looked at, asked for, requested or checked out, as well as questions asked by library customers. 

Volunteers may participate in a regular evaluation process in a formal or informal manner, written or verbal. Volunteers serve under an at-will status and may be discharged with or without cause or notice by library management or volunteer coordinator.

Volunteers who wish to end their tenure with Taylor Community Library should notify the volunteer coordinator about the decision and the effective date. Volunteers may be asked to participate in an exit interview.

Volunteer Sign-In (You must already be registered and attended orientation to sign in for your shift.)